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Please Help, Forgot Password of wifi router!! :(

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    Unhappy Please Help, Forgot Password of wifi router!! :(

    Straight Question : how to reset the password of of my router PRONET 108-wrt, i had already pressed reset for 35 seconds and user: admin and password admin is not working.....Please help

    Indian style elaborated question:
    good morning to all,
    I was setting up my router PRONET 108-wrt.... all the settings are same even after the reset of the router....connecting pin is also same , i can access internet via my wifi router ....
    Just cant access the configuration page may bhi i have accidentally changed it or reset it unknowingly.
    And the default password and user name on websites is also not working....i.e admin admin.
    so is there any way to again access that configuration page ???

    Pls Help !!!

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    There is one tab " administrator" and in it update or something and " restore factory settings" hit this button....may work for you.

    Or call customer care...its just a router yaarrr don't panic.

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    There should be very tiny little hole at the back side of your router. Take a pin and stick into it & hence reset your modem. This should reset it to factory settings. After once it reset, try defaul admin, admin or admin, password.

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