A couple of days ago, I got really fed up of my slow internet speed and decided to fix it myself. It is amazing how simple it really is. In fact, you take few easy steps and you shall never be deprived of your promised internet speed again. Right, so the first thing that you need to is to check the internet speed of your server. Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test lets you measure the speed of your internet connection. As far as problems concerning internet speed are concerned with the server, all you can really do is check, restart and recheck your hardware, but when it comes to speed problems due to internal glitches, here is what you can do-

1- Check for any background pages/applications that might be using the internet-
Many a times, various applications, add-ons, extensions, plugins you’ve installed keep running in the background even if you are not using them. To get a list of all the applications that might be using the internet in the background, do the following-
Step 1- Click Start.
Step 2- Click Run.
Step 3- Type ‘cmd’ and in the next line, ‘netstat-b 5>activity.txt’, without quotes.
Step 4- Use Ctrl+C after a minute. Your list is ready!
As soon as you login to your computer, make sure to either delete these useless applications from the control panel or follow these simple steps to stop/close them.
Step 1- Right click on the toolbar on your desktop (usually at the bottom).
Step 2- Select ‘Start Task Manager’.
Step 3- Click on the ‘Applications’ tab and select the frivolous application and hit ‘end task’.
Step 4- Click on the ‘Processes’ tab and repeat the same procedure. If you close any important process by mistake, you can always restart. No harm is caused to your data due to ending any process via the Task Manager. Make sure to never end explorer.exe, though. In the ‘Networking’ tab, you can check the performance of your internet connection anytime.

For Mac, you can do the same by using Command-Option-Esc.
Besides these junk applications in the offline mode, many applications run in your Internet Browser as well. Delete all the useless extensions and add-ons and if you wish to keep them, yet do not have any use for them at that time, close them by selecting ‘Manage add-ons’ in the ‘Internet Options’ option from the drop down menu under ‘Tools’ in Internet Explorer or by directly selecting ‘View Background Pages’ under Wrench menu in Google Chrome.
Another thing to be kept in mind is that unless it is very important; always cancel all the requests for automatic updates or tasks asking you to approve for daily checking or reminding to do the same.

2- Always keep you cache memory clean.
The computer stores certain information regarding your usage of certain applications in its cache memory. For example, the computer is able to auto-complete the address in your internet address bar because it has stored the name of the websites you visit frequently. Yes, it does look very convenient, but is advisable that you do not get tempted and regularly delete the same. The cache memory of the computer is although a temporary one, yet if over flowing, can slow down the speed of not only your internet but of your computer as well. Always keep deleting temporary files from the ‘temp’ folder. You can find it by typing ‘%temp%’ (without quotes) in the search program/files space in the Start menu.
Another very good and recommended option is to install the application- C Cleaner from cleaner.com. It is a utility application and gives you the option of deleting all the useless files and folders and data from your computer in just a single click. You also get to choose which folder/application you do not wish to include in the process.

3- Steal some bandwidth away from your computer!
By default, your computer saves for itself a certain percentage of bandwidth. So, to increase your internet speed, all you need to do is steal your bandwidth away from your computer. I’ll tell you how-
Step 1- Click Start.
Step 2- Click Run.
Step 3- Type gpedit.msc and access the group policy editor.
Step 4- Click ‘Computer Configuration’ then ‘Administrative Templates’ then ‘Network’ and then ‘QOS Packet Scheduler’.
Step 5-In the left pane, click ‘Limit reservable bandwidth’, right click and select ‘properties’ from the menu.
Step 6- Click ‘Enabled’ and then in the option below, set Bandwidth limit to 0%.
Step 7- Click OK and you are done!
This little tweak will definitely improve your internet connection.

4- Upgrade your anti-virus and keep scanning for malware.
Nothing slows down a computer like a virus. First thing, get an upgraded version of your anti-virus with a regularly updated virus vault. Next, regularly scan for any virus, spyware or malware. Always keep the anti-virus safe search option in your Internet Browser on. Sometimes, malicious malware are introduced into the system by certain websites in the form of their cache information. This is another reason why your cache memory/temporary memory should be regularly scanned or better still deleted.

5- Make it simple, install one of the many softwares!
Are you an internet rookie? Do not want to involve yourself in all this technical crap? We have a solution for you as well. Download one of the many internet tweak applications available for free as well as for minimal prices in the market. Here are a few of them-
Firetune- It is a very easy to install application for Firefox browser. All you need to do is install it, create a back up of all you important information in the browser with the option give, then choose settings according to your own personal requirements and select ‘Tune it’ and it is done!
Download Accelerator Plus- It is a pre packed software that brings about changes in Registry files, Web browsers and other configuration settings and lets you enjoy the maximum internet speed.
SG TCP Optimizer- It is another utility freeware that optimizes the passage and reciprocation of data packets in the computer. Always remember to create a backup before you hit ‘apply changes’!

All this research aside, I finally found out the reason for my slow internet speed- the annoying prick next door who was secretly hogging my internet. Tip of the day- Beware of internet hogging neighbors!