I Have BSNL Broadband connection & teracom T2-B-Gawv1-4U10Y-B1 modem.

My new Samsung Galaxy S Duos connects to WiFi but not internet. there is message " No Internet Connection"

My old Nokia E72 & laptop connects to internet well.

Pl. help Me.



My WIFI settings are

Global Setting
Select Profile: 802.11 B/G
Wireless Network: Enable
Select Country: INI
You may either choose a channel yourself, or allow to automatically select the best channel.
Channel Selection: AUTO
Select Channel:
Network Name (SSID): XXXX
Hide SSID: No

Security Settings
Select Security Option: WiFi Protected access
WEP Authentication Mode: Open
Select Tx Key Index:
Select Key Method:
WEP Pass Phrase:
Select Encryption Protocol: TKIP Protocol
Select Authentication Method: PSK
WPA Pass Phrase: *******
802.1x Identity String:
802.1x Rekey Timeout:
PMK Caching: Enabled