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help with Internet upload problem

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    Post help with Internet upload problem

    Hello everyone,

    I am facing issues with my internet uploads. I have a 20 mbps broadband plan and my download speed is consistent (20 mbps and above)

    problem is that i cannot even attach a 1 mb file to my email, upload a small picture or video to any site..

    1) I have disabled the firewall & antivirus and tried uploading.
    2) I have formatted my PC and re installed my Windows 7 and tried uploading.
    3) I have connected to a different internet broadband account (one of my friends) and tried uploading.

    But I still have the upload issue, I cannot upload anything.

    Then I called tech support (broadband company) and they visited my place.

    They checked the setup and said everything looks good from config point of view. Then connected my cable to their laptop and showed me that my internet connection upload working (upload speed of 10 mbps) and left saying it is my issue.

    I have tried speed test on multiple sites. 90% of the time i get "error" for my upload test and 10 % of time it shows 10 to 15 kb.

    I need the your help to figure out what is causing this problem and how i can debug the issue and find the root cause.

    right now, i have windows 7 without firewall & antivirus. Please suggest what i need to do and how to approach this problem.

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    may be u can try a different OS along with windows with dual boot and then u can try and troubleshoot your problem with ubuntu.

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