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Starting an ISP business

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    Default Starting an ISP business

    I wanted to ask about starting
    an isp in my native Yavatmal. This is
    town with about 4k internet
    connections all BSNL and as usual
    the service is pathatic also I think
    the market can still be tapped. So
    researched a bit about the category
    C license which costs around 1lakh
    as per the new DoT policies.
    So I would like to know about the
    infrastructure requirements. Also I
    would like to know if isp like
    hathway can provide with some

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    It is best to start with a company like Worldphone. The cable operatos who provides me wiht the internet connection uses Worldphone and the connection is perfect (while it works). Buying your own equipment and getting bandwidth from a bandwidth provider and then hoping for a return on investment would be a bit of a far cry in the begining. With a franchise set up you would have some one to take care of the bandwidth and the backend ets while you can concentrate fully on generating more business. The profit marging would be lower but to get a business going it is best to invest as little as possible. Once you know that the market is there and getting customers is possible and you start churning some profits that is when you could think about buying bandwidth from a provider and have your own thing going and make higher margins.

    I hope this helps.

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