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Features of Google Plus

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    Default Features of Google Plus

    Google+ is what you can call one of the latest social networking sites which did not really need any advertising because of its name Google. Google+ has recently gone through a lot of changes which has made the site more faster and user friendly.

    There is a new ribbon system which allows you to access everything much quicker. At the left of the Google+ page there are shortcuts to the profile, photos, circles and much more. If this is unwanted by the user then you simply need to left click and drag the ribbon image into the folder named More folder.

    Notifications can be filtered according to your needs, by choosing the tabs above the status bar.

    You can decide how much information you want to see in a particular circle. When opening a tab you will a slider bar near the Setting icon, from there you can customize what you want to see.

    Hangouts has become popular with time and it has been improved a lot since the time it was launched. Hangouts now has its own section which can also be accessed using the Ribbon bar.

    Just like Facebook Google+ also has a cover photo which you can add to your profile page. In order to add a cover photo you need to go to the profile ribbon, then move your mouse over the banner and click on change cover photo.

    Events is a new feature to Google+ and with this you can send invites and accept invitations to real events whether outside in the real world or online.

    To keep on top of the latest you can keep a watch out for the latest topics on Google+ which has been added as trending topics. On the left hand side of the Google+ page you will see a bar which will give an idea of the top trending topics.

    You can remove inactive users from your account, and this is done by installing an application on Google+ and select users with no posts since a certain date.

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    Google has not been able to make it simple enough. I cant blame others for not using Google + that much when I myself find it difficult and confusing to understand. I never devoted enough time to it either as I dont feel the need to try and understand something that is not being used by many people. Orkut was good initially but Google didint put in enough effort thinking North Americans arent using it but had it only been a success in India and Brazil they would have made tons of money. Google is still strugling to find an answer to Facebook. I think that only the simplest things would ever be able to compete with Facebook. Make it useful and provide a service that is either paid for else where or is not available and then slowly add features instead of trying to launch an all singing and dancing package at one go. People dont have the patience to learn complicated things that they can do without.

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    I have never used Google + or even tried using it. So some reason it doesn't really appeal to me, and I never actually feel that yes maybe I should look into it.

    One thing I would like to know is that if you have a Gmail account do you automatically have a Google + account/page?

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    Google + needs to be more user friendly, otherwise I think it is superb and I think aimed more at the professional people, something like similar to Linked In.

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    The only purpose of Google plus for me is the hangouts option that makes me able to chat with 10 of my cousins around the world at the same time. I also used it for notifications of my Youtube comments. I don't use it as a social network like the way I use Facebook or instagram.

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