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Google DNS Server Settings

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    Default Google DNS Server Settings

    Every service provider has their own DNS server, most of the time the browsing is fast and there are no problems, but sometimes just due to the DNS server settings the browsing can become slow. Most users do not know about DNS settings and do not think that changing the settings can help the websites load faster.

    Apart from the DNS server settings provided by the service provider, many people who Google DNS settings which are:

    Preferred DNS server
    Alternate DNS server

    After changing your DNS settings to the above Google ones you will see a considerable difference in the time it takes for a webpage to load, although the settings dont actually affect the broadband speed.

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    Google DNS settings are pretty much the answer to slow browsing problems which users get.

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    I have heard that Google DNS is better, but if your internet connection is working fine then do you think it is necessary changing your DNS settings?

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    Using Google's DNS will reduce the initial page load times be reducing the look up time. It may not be a gain of more then 30-40ms but look at it from a years perspective and you save yourself a lot of time.

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    I am not so good at internet problems or any other computer related things, so I will be asking a lot of help on the forum.

    How do you change the DNS settings?

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