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Difference between a bridge and switch?

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    Default Difference between a bridge and switch?

    Like mentioned in my other threads I am new to the internet and also the technical things like networking. Currently I have been looking into Ethernet connections and I am unable to understand the difference between a bridge and switch. Please can it be explained to me what the difference in the two is.

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    Difference between a bridge and switch is as follows:

    Bridge: divides two networks into two
    Switch: connects many different terminals all together centrally

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    Pujit is not correct.

    A bridge typically connects two networks of differing physical topology, but passes all packets between them. An example of this is a bridge between token ring or 10-base-2 ethernet to 10-base-t (cat5) ethernet. (A router is the opposite of a bridge and is used to logically divide a network into two.)

    A switch connects 10-base-t nodes in a 'star' configuration. The switch is the enter of the star with each node forming the stars 'legs'. A switch and a hub both do this. The difference is that in a hub, all the nodes share the bandwidth of the topology (10/100/1000mb for common Ethernet), whereas a switch provides the full bandwidth to each device. This is why switches become quite expensive when they have a large number of ports (24-48+) as the switching backplane much support a higher amount of bandwidth for all the ports.

    Hope this helps!

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