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How does ping matter for a broadband connection

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    Default How does ping matter for a broadband connection

    I have never understand what ping is and what its connection is with a broadband connection. From the threads I have read ping apparently only seems to matter when someone is playing online games, is this true?

    What is ping and does it affect non online game players?

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    Ping time is the delay time between two routes on the Internet. Similar to a ping used by underwater submarines to determine the distance to an object. So a long ping time will usually indicate a greater distance.

    Now where this becomes important is in data transfer since data is transferred in x amount of data per second.

    So for example a website that you have a 1ms ping time to takes 1 second to load. The user experience for this web site will be 1 second load time.

    Now the same web site for someone that has a 500ms (1/2 second) ping will take 1.5s to load because it takes 500ms just to reach the server. The user experience for this web site will be 1.5s.

    The above example assumed there's only one object to load. But the reality is that web sites consist of sometimes hundreds of objects to retrieve before a web site is fully loaded. Imagine what a longer ping time for each of those objects will do for user experience. A web site taking 1 second consisting of 10 objects, might take 6 seconds for a user with a 500ms ping time.

    Hope this helps.
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    Also Please do notice here that PING is Directly Proportional to distance.Also how the isp routing is done is also matters here.

    So having a more faster internet wont help.

    For example if u want to ping a website which is located in america ,then the ping will be same for all data plans rather it be 512 Kbps or 40 Mbps from your location.

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