Hello Everyone although it would be bad thing to just post here and not introduce myself in such section but its dire for me at this moment.

I am a airtel broadband user for last 5 years and its a binatone DT 815 modem which airtel provided me at that time.I recently bought a D-Link Router DIR-600M around 6 months ago to access wifi.

Until yesterday it was working fine whenever I switch between wired and wireless connections.But now its giving me troubles.When I connect directly to the modem from my laptop for wired connection everything works fine the internet works without any issue.

Now the problem arises whenever I opt for wifi and I plug the other end of Ethernet cable(the laptop side one) to my D-LINK router.The "LAN" light of Modem does not blinks regularly and randomly goes down and up,which leads to unstable connection having connectivity this second and not on another second.

I wanted to know what can I do solve it.Suggestions are very much appreciated to debug this situation.