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need help regarding wifi router setup

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    Default need help regarding wifi router setup

    Hi All,

    I'm a Reliance Broadband 'WIRED LINE' subscriber( With 'NO modems/Phone stuff like that' i.e, 'RJ45 cable coming through Reliance directly goes into backside of my PC's LAN' ).

    Now i want to access internet through WiFi for multiple devices(mainly for Mobiles in my home....etc)
    i have a netgear n150 router(no modem only router) model= jnr1010v2 , please someone help with the installation as i do not know how to setup the router.

    suggestions are welcomed

    please help!!!

    P.S. :- i already tried tutorials from youtube and other forums like kczon, etc. not much help.

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    Are you able to log in to your router's web setup page?

    Perhaps this could help: , but you will need to enter your username and password.

    I don't have the same router,but there should be a setting called "WLAN" or "WIFI" in the setup page where you can configure your wireless settings.

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    To access internet through WiFi, you need a router. As you already have Netgear router, first connect this router to your system using default username and password. Search online for the default username and password. Try admin-admin, admin-password, admin-1234 combinations. Once you are connected to the router, Open a browser and type in URL. It'll ask for username and password, try the same combination you used to connect the router to your system.

    Once you're in configuration tab, change the default settings. Connect the LAN wire to the WLAN port in the back of the router. Now, the setup is complete. Whenever you want to use internet, just connect to the router and browse.

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