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Siti Broadband - How to prevent Idle Logout Issue

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    Default Siti Broadband - How to prevent Idle Logout Issue

    I am a user of Siti Broadband which is a cable broadband ISP. The biggest gripe I have with this service is that if the connection remains idle for 20-30 mins, I get logged out and I have to re-login through the 24Online Client page to resume connectivity. Does anyone know how to bypass this so that I can stay connected forever? I have made a million calls to the Siti Customer Support but they have been unable to resolve the issue.

    I am using a TP-Link WR740N router

    Please advise

    Many thanks

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    if you are using a laptop, create one .BAT file using notepad and put the following line in it
    PING -T

    keep the .BAT file on your desktop and double click it. It will run a continuous ping command in the background and keep the connection alive.

    If you are using a mobile or tablet only, configure the Email app to check for new mails every 10 minutes.
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