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help with converting/connecting Jiofi---->to a wired connection!

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    Default help with converting/connecting Jiofi---->to a wired connection!

    Hi everybody,
    So recently I bought the Jiofi device with unlimited 4G. It does not have an Ethernet port.
    Therefore I need to connect This jiofi as the source of Internet to a wireless router , which has Ethernet ports, so that i can connect my ethernet device ( no wifi) to the router and access internet on that device too. Can someone please help me with the right router/repeater, to connect to my jiofi device and basically convert the wireless internet( jiofi) to wired + wifi ??
    I hope I made the situation clear. Please guide me in the Right direction for the required equipment.
    I Have a basic idea about the networking stuff..

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    This is NOT the answer to your question.

    But like you and me many will come up to seek the answer to these question regarding JioFi.

    In addition to your questions I would also like to that
    - Is it possible to control the Jiofi device by sending commands via scripts or like. Because when the night unlimited plans come into play it may be required to reboot the device at a given times.
    - If it is possible to add repeaters to the device, then how-to.

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    Switch on your router and the JioFi. Press the WPS on the JioFi and wait until your router finds the network connection of the JioFi. Everything else will be automatic on your router.

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    I know it's too late.Sorry, Asus RT-N18U supports jiofi's usb tethering in the latest firmware . The router also supports Dual Wan Setup by which you can also connect to any other broadband provider and it also supports torrent/url files downloading to usb stick connected to modem.

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