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What's Cheapest Broadband in Coimbatore!

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    Question What's Cheapest Broadband in Coimbatore!

    Hi.... I'm in Coimbatore City. I was using Hathway 512Kbps plan for years and they've suddenly closed. So i changes to BSNL home-500 plan and the service is not so good and they gave the worst modem. Its costlier than Hathway because i paid Rs.1500+tax for 3 months and now i'm paying Rs.500+tax+modem cost for just 256Kbps. So i'm looking for a connection at a range of Rs.500 to Rs.700 with speed of 512Kbps or more. Suggest me a good connection

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    check your speed at say Mumbai server.

    Download TCP/IP optimizer from
    apply settings.
    recheck speed .
    From your modem :
    Statistics adsl page.
    Shows snr attn line speed etc.
    Post as jpg annexure here.

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