One of the issues of most concern to Google in recent months is the net neutrality. Not that they like to fight for lost causes (which could also be), if not for that in a non-neutral network, the ISP's are the lords and masters in their system. They have the power to decide which services, protocols or data can be accessed by subscribers who connect through them.

One of the most glaring violation of Net neutrality is the popular speed throttling imposed by some operators to P2P traffic (read torrents), but could include others such as the restriction on VoIP. In addition to the popularization of the Internet connections through mobile, the user starts to assume that it is 'normal' to limit a service by the operator.

To combat this, Google believes the best is to provide users with the right tools for them to be able to determine their interference on your network, the operator makes. Therefore, its engineers are working to create tools that allow people to know what is happening in your connection. Google's mantra is "If broadband providers do not tell you exactly what's happening in their networks, we want to give users the power to find out for themselves."

The more I know about Google, more I like it... Yet another reason to love Google!