The broadband image of India has changed with the advent of high speed internet connection companies. The scenario changed a lot when big giants like Reliance, Airtel, BSNL, TATA and MTNL too have joined the bandwagon of providing high speed internet connectivity. Today you can find lots of broadband subscription plans in the country. Small companies like Spectra-smart, Hayai, Tikona, Huweii and alike too are offers some good plans. But the revolution to broadband usage has been brought by the companies like BSNL, Reliance, Airtel, TATA and others with their wireless datacards. The broadband has got a new face and today you can get datacards from any of these reputed brands to keep you mobile yet connected to internet.

BSNL Broadband Services: BSNL is the first telecommunication service supplier to launch wireless broadband in India with its first roll out of EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) card. The EVDO was authoritatively commenced in few cities in the year 2007 since then it has progressed today to be one of the fastest modes of internet connection that you can get and that too makes you completely mobile.
Airtel Broadband: Airtel too has joined the lineage of broadband service providers with their effective broadband data card. You can really roam with the high speed internet data card. The cost-effective Airtel data card for internet can also work on all partner networks of Airtel while you are on national roaming and is compatible with GSM network while on international roaming.
Reliance Broadband Network: Reliance too has offered their EVDO plans and it is much similar to the BSNL broadband 3G. The wireless coverage speed is nearly 3.1 Mbps which is excellent. You can download large files in very less time. There is no fluctuation of speed.
Tata Photon Broadband: Get the new Tata Photo+ wireless broadband USB Modem which permits you to browse at promised speed of 3.1 Mbps. If you are exhausted of dial-up associates or USB modems which cannot propose you the speed while you are on move then get the latest Tata Photon+ and see how it changes your browsing experience.