I have seen many queries in this site regarding plan selection. This an humble attempt to shed light to those who are in need.

1. Feasibility

There are a no. of service providers in market. Some provide best network, some provide good speed, some low tariff and some good customer care. But what matters most is the availability in your area. If the service is good and not available in your area, there is no point in discussing about the particular connection. Check with the local provider which service is available in your area and then decide.

2. Tariff

Once you decided which provider to choose, next you should think about your pocket. Go to the provider’s website and check the tariff of various plans. There are normally unlimited plans with low speed and limited plan with good speed. These are the extreme and all other plans fall in this range. Make sure that you choose a plan that fits your budget.

3. Quality of service

Once we decide on tariff, most people normally end up with local service provider or BSNL. Make sure that the performance of ISP in your area is good. Check with your neighbours and friends about the quality of service in your area. The ISP with a good network will be able to provide high uptime with a little or no interruption.

4. Customer care

Once you made up your mind, make sure that you get enough support from your ISP. The plan may be available in your area, but what if the customer care is a waste of time. It is better not to use such services.

5. ISP rating

There are some private player who launch new plans at cheaper rate. There is a fair chance that they lack in many other area or may discontinue their service at a later period. It will be wise to avoid such providers.

6. Compatibilty

There are many users who first get the hardware and then think about an internet connection. Make sure that you have purchased the right hardware and that you will get support from your ISP. Otherwise you will be spending time online checking for support.

Hope this helped. If feel I have missed any point, feel free to add.