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Which rules India ;- BSNL , RELIANCE OR AIRTEL

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    Question Which rules India ;- BSNL , RELIANCE OR AIRTEL

    BSNL provides its facilities at each and every corner of the country.
    RELIANCE with its 2mbps fast internet
    AIRTEL with its blazing fast 4mbps internet.

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    BSNL is not the best, but they are omnipresent. What is the use of Reliance or Airtel if they do not provide service in your area. They simply focus on cities and no use to general public. My vote goes to BSNL.
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    1.I have a BSNL BB connection speed upto 2Mbps Rs 250/P.M d/l limit 1 GB.
    2. I have also an Airtel BB connection same as above Rs 499/= plus Rs200 worth free telephone calls.
    Bsnl has also "BLAZING" 8 Mbps Tariff plans
    You can check the Airtel Reliance forum/s
    also about the feedback from members here.
    BSNL has PREPAID Broadband connection, and you can Use it ANYWHERE in India
    ( where BSNL BB is available ) from a BSNL
    landline telephone. ( Like the Old dialup
    sancharnet internet connection )

    Each user, decides an ISP according to his own requirements, and if asked here specifically, you can SUGGEST the ISP you use or any other after Benchmarking all
    ISP's in India for various parameters.

    I cannot comment on an ISP's service, which I have not used and go by reports here.

    One good point; The days of monopoly are over, and BB revenue is not the top priority for Telecom providers.
    They make more money on cellphone services,landline telephones. DTH VAS etc,
    as we all tend to talk talk endlessly/aimlessly !!!

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    This is a pointless thread/poll. What next? "Who is better - Sachin or Ponting or Lara"?

    I have reported it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by essbebe View Post
    BB revenue is not the top priority for Telecom providers.
    pretty much this. the demand for high quality/fair broadband in India is abysmal too, so improvements will be slow.

    Add to that a completely weird and sometimes baffling attitude of the government to release bandwidth.

    Anyway Airtel has FUP so that automatically makes it shittastic.

    BSNL broadband is the only provider with ~2Mbps speeds and large free downloads+unlimited night downloads.

    Can't comment on reliance but I'm pretty sure it's not much better.

    MTNL is a lot better than all of these but only available in delhi/mumbai.

    anyhow this is a pretty pointless thread since bb depends on personal reqs and region a lot.

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