I use the wireless connection to transfer files between my computers.

My problem is I haven't received more than 1.2 mega Bytes p/sec while transfering files between my PCs. My other computer that is connected through wireless network is in the same room about 6 feet away from the router. It has a wireless G adapter (Belkin Wireless G 54Mbps F5D7050).

I have currently selected wireless setting mode to "Upto 150 Mbps". Changing it to "g & b" doesn't affect the speed either. I have already updated to the latest firmware. The latest firmware enabled another option of "Upto 65Mbps" but it was useless too.

On my old MTNL router which was wireless G 54 Mbps I could receive upto 2.8 mBps speed while sharing files.

I have 2 wireless N phones (Galaxy S), on my old wireless G router I could get upto 550kBps speed, however on this router I get upto 300kBps only.

I am aware that I shouldn't expect 150Mbps speed on the network as my computer as the adapter is wireless G but its speed should atleast be 2.8 mBps on the network, right?

What setting do I need to tweak to achieve greater speeds?