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Broadband in Mumbai

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    Default Broadband in Mumbai

    i'm presently using mtnl triband... i'm on a 1mbps unlimited for about rs. 1100 a month... no fair usage policy with mtnl!
    but it's just not worth it... download speeds maintain about 120 consistent... but my pings to local dota hosts remain 150+ and my net drops every couple MINUTES (not kidding)... i rarely make it through buffering a youtube video, much less a 40-50 min game of dota online!

    my neighbour on hathway pings under 100 to the same game hosts, and sustains a connection 9 games out of 10... i was going to make the switch, but i thought i'd post here for input first...

    another consideration, i've recently renovated my house, and i'd like to avoid running ugly games across it, so i am considering airtel, the reason being i have an extra phone line laid in the walls from my front door to the pcs...

    any input will be much appreciated!

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    Airtel is a good option and is stable.

    Regarding your MTNL connection well it may have something to do with the wiring, did you ever try calling the MTNL customer service?

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