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What is the best broadband service

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    Default What is the best broadband service

    Hi everyone,
    I live in south delhi, and am going for a new isp
    i would like a plan kid of like this ---->
    unlimited or over 75gb
    beneath 4000rs pm

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    Default Hi there...

    If you are ready to spend that much, go with Airtel... 60-80% broadband connections in Delhi-NCR are Airtel... My next best bet would be Tikona... You could also think about Tata Photon or MTS...
    But, very few ISP's provide high speeds for such a huge limit of 75 GB as you mentioned... But you could try... I heard there's a plan in Airtel which gives 2 Mbps for unlimited usage at 2999 per month or so... But I heard it wasn't unlimited, but uptil 100 GB...
    All unlimited plans through any service provider come with a Fair Usage Ploicy... That is, the promised speed in your plan is provided to you only uptil a certain GB of download+upload and after that it falls down to 256 Kbps till unlimited usage...

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