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New Broadban connection

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    Smile New Broadban connection

    Hi guy I'm new in Delhi & I was wondering is you guys could suggest a good 1mps/2mbps plans for me. I was using BSNL 512kbps. Now I'm temporarily using a shitty connection called Pacenet and it sucks. I want the connection for my ps3 and laptop
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    Default Airtel is very good, if not the best...

    In my knowledge, 60-80% broadband connections in Delhi-NCR are Airtel... The numbers speak for itself... Airtel is too good when it comes to any of it's products and services... Some people find it good, some don't, in either case they have their own reasons to think so... Some think Airtel is too costly, but now it isn't... Every unlimited plan from any service provider has Fair Usage Policy thing... That is, you get your plan speed only uptil a certain GB of download+upload and then it falls down to 256 kbps... Depending on your usage, you have plans starting from 649 in Airtel and moving further... My next best bet would be Tikona... If price is a concern and speed is not, go for MTNL but their service and customer care isn't good... If you want mobility, go for Tata Photon or MTS, although these ones are the costliest...
    Don't go for local ISP's, they are not trustworthy... Also, ask the people in your locality which ISP are they using and you could go with the same... It happens that a particular ISP is good in one area of the city and pathetic in another...

    I have been using Airtel boradband for the last 3 years and I am very satisfied with it. In between, I had thought of changing my service provider, but couldn't find a plan that matches with mine at a cheaper rate. I live in Delhi and my plan details are as follows:

    -Unlimited broadband at 2 Mbps till 10 Gb and 256 Kbps after that
    -Calling worth Rs. 100 free from landline every month
    -Calling rate A-to-A 1p/sec (Local and STD), A-to-others 1.2p/sec (Local and STD)
    -Rental of Rs. 649 only!

    Till date, I have not faced a technical problem. Only once I called the Airtel engineer and made him install the DSL point (broadband and landline) at 2 different locations in my house and the same was done for free.
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