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Why our country has crappy net connection?

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    Default Why our country has crappy net connection?

    All other country's besides india have internet plans min from 4 mbps to 90 mbps (90 mbps in usa & europe)

    and they say this is an it hub really? The highest connection to carporates is 36 mbps from vsnl.

    We are paying 1000 to 2000 for 1 mbps to 4mbps for these sh**ty isp's.

    Isnt our country not ready yet for t1 connections?

    Look at the mobile network development we have 3g already placed even though there is no demand as compare to broadband.

    Such a disapointment.....
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    @ username

    It is not just internet speed that is lacking in India, we do not have good roads, enough hospitals, schools, electricity, good jobs, enough trains and lot more drawbacks are there. There are many villages were electricity is still unheard of. The National Telecom Policy aims to connect every village with a phone by 2018 only. Literacy is very poor compared to developed countries and subsidies never reach the farmers.

    Corporate customers has access to higher speeds by private ISPs who are using Fibre optics for transmission. BSNL has launched 100 Mbps FTTH as a pilot project last month. 3G is well in demand, it is the cost that is pulling it back. Also 3G towers are yet to be set up in many parts of the country.

    It would have been certainly nice if we get good speeds at affordable costs, but like many other things, we can only hope for that at the moment.

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    Thats because of shitty politicians, corruptions and lazy indian gov.

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