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Which wireless broadband should I get?

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    Smile Which wireless broadband should I get?

    howdy everybody! .. I am the new guy here.. just found this forum while googling.. and felt like jacking in. This is my first post.. so, plz be nice..

    Well, I am supposedly searching for the *best* internet plan for myself..
    I did some search.. which turned out no good... it left me even more confused!
    the reason is my bad experience with BSNL and Reliance services(they dont give what they claim.. )

    so, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.. heres what I need..

    firstly.. it needs to be a wireless connection.. like those tata photon+ .. usb devices.. 'cause I am a hosteler(and will remain to be for like the next 2 years).. and cable connections are NOT allowed there

    secondly.. the most I can shell out is about 1000Rs a month.

    thirdly.. I am a heavy downloader, and nothing but an unlimited data plan suits me (or unless its like 50 GBs a month.. I am positive I wont exceed that!)

    and lastly.. as you guessed it, I need a good internet speed.. and a good uptime (meaning I want to be able to connect atleast 95% of the time)

    Well.. I seriously hope you guys can help me out..
    waiting for replies..
    and a big thanks in advance

    oh.. i forgot to mention.. I am @ Meerut currently.. and I need the connection there.. We have a BSNL and Aircel tower just next to our place.. so signals are good there.. thnx
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    Welcome to India Broadband Forum

    I believe there are no providers that will do 50GB for Rs1000 apart from Bsnl evdo if my memory serves me right.Bsnl evdo was like 650 a month or something for unlimited data when I last checked.
    You could get an Airtel 3g connection with 10GB data transfer for Rs1250 and that too because they are running a promotion until end of this month so after that you only get 5GB a month for 1250rs.

    Was it bsnl 3g or evdo that you tried?

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    Default Hey newbie...

    Well, if it's USB linked net that you are looking for, then MTS should be good... So far, Tata Photon, Reliance Netconnect and MTS have shown success in USB net services... You could check out their plans... MTS would be the cheapest...

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