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personal reviews for TATA, MTS and MTNL

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    Post personal reviews for TATA, MTS and MTNL

    hello folks, i am varun from new delhi .. i have used 3 isp's now and want to share my personal experience with you all .. i had MTNL in the beginning and then TATA photon plus and now MTS mblaze ..


    1. MTNL - plan 512kbps, unlimited, 599/month, wired
    in the beginning i was getting speed of around 2-3 mbps .. and after around 1 year the speed was resetted at 512 kbps automatically .. only minor problem i had was, it would disconnect on its own in 30 mins and automatically reconnect

    then i shifted to a new place

    2. TATA Photon+ - plan upto3.1mbps, 10gb unlimited, 1100/month, wireless
    device became unfuntional in 2 months, got it replaced in 15days, they gave me a used device, i got speed of 200-500kbps, signal strength was very weak , i live on 2nd floor and i get full signals on all my mobile phones but TATA is an exception, major problem was speed, continuous disconnection in every 10mins and pathetic customer service .. one day i asked the customer executive, what is the case when we will get 3.1mbps speed, he plainly replied if only 1 preson in whole of india connects then he will get 3.1mbps speed .. tata is the worst company

    3. MTS mblaze - plan upto 3.1mbps, 12gb unlimited, 999/month,wireless
    i purchased this **** 2 months ago and i am willing to throw it in dustbin
    i got speed during 12gb 150kbps-300kbps and after 12gb 60kbps .. i called customer care around 6times .. 3times they said call after 1hr because the system is under updation, 2 times they booked complaint and nothing happened and when i called to enquire they said complaint has been resolved, and 1time they said u will get callback from our team leader in 1 hr and then no one called till now .
    problems-slow speed and customer service very very bad
    now am going to register to MTNL again and willin to opt for the new plan which is 2mbps, 10gb unlimited, 795/month , wifi

    guys please don't waste your money on TATA and MTS because they don't do what they say..
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