I have been using Airtel boradband for the last 3 years and I am very satisfied with it. In between, I had thought of changing my service provider, but couldn't find a plan that matches with mine at a cheaper rate. I live in Delhi-NCR and my plan details are as follows:

-Unlimited broadband at 2 Mbps till 10 Gb and 256 Kbps after that
-Calling worth Rs. 100 free from landline every month
-Calling rate A-to-A 1p/sec (Local and STD), A-to-others 1.2p/sec (Local and STD)
-Rental of Rs. 649 only!

Till date, I have not faced a technical problem. Only once I called the Airtel engineer and made him install the DSL point (broadband and landline) at 2 different locations in my house and the same was done for free.

But, I'm still looking for cheaper broadband if possible. Does anyone know a plan that matches with statistics of mine?