hi all,
i'm using u torrents for my torrent needs..
i'm using 3G and my connection's maximum speed is 6 Mbps and it always between 1.5 Mbps to 6 Mbps. (i have checked it while downloading files on internet download manager and mobile partner)

but in torrents sometimes it goes to 600 KBps and sometimes it stays with 100 KBps. speed is not coming constant.
then file i'm downloading is of 13 GB and having 161(314) seeders and 9(711) peers.
sometimes for couple of minutes i 'm getting 500 - 600 KBps and sometimes 100 KBps.. its floating..

can anyone suggest me good settings for utorrent to get maximum speed of my connection?

here are my settings:

please help..

when i download with IDM or even default browser it gives constant speed of above 300 KBps but in utorrent it always comes up and down... !!!