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MODEM resetting on its own

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    Default MODEM resetting on its own

    I've a UT300R2U type I modem and of bsnl dataone connection. The modem is works fine for half an hour initially, after that it is resets on its own and starts again automatically. If i keep the modem off for half an hour and switch on it work fine for 15 min. and again the sane problem starts. What may be the problem. I complained about the line. They cleaned the line and. but the problem is still present. I've bypassed the on/off switch.

    If the problem is of modem which modem should i buy.

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    You can use the Modem in Dial-up type. You surf for best modems

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    Have you checked for any faults in the splitter?
    This is a small device which seperates the ADSL line to modem and the other to the telephone. The problem which you are facing is due to this. Try taking your modem to your friends place, or getting his splitter to your place.

    If the modem respondes in the same way, its time to purchase a new one. If modem is okay, get a new splitter. If using a BSNL connection, ask them to get it replaced.

    Quality products for ADSL modem are from Linksys, Belkin.
    Avg products from Netgear, Dlink,..etc


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