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Wireless, 3g or USB internet - Arambol - Help

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    Default Wireless, 3g or USB internet - Arambol - Help

    Hey all, new here and been trying to find answer to my question for over 2 days now searching all over the place with no definite answers.

    Is there any wireless internet connection in Arambol beach? Usb, 3g, anything?
    I've tried contacting main providers, tata, airtel etc with this question with 0 response, their tool free numbers don't work.

    I need connection to work from there and my main question is:
    Can I buy broadband usb stick or use my iphone 3gs as modem to get decent internet (256kbs) in Arambol beach area?

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    P.S. Are there any internet cafes,wifi spots in Arambol I can use if I am unable to find personal internet access?

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    It appears in some hotels Internet is provided
    in some Beach Hotels
    or a cyber cafe is listed in Arambol ( GoA)
    A diligent search in Google can yield results.
    If you have a BSNL landline in the place you stay , call 1500 and enquire.
    Worst case: you can have
    a BSNL WLL/ connection not feasible/suitable for your short stay.

    May be Broadband Internet access in Cellphone/s possible.
    Check with your provider.

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    wifi spots in hotel and around.
    job takes the child away.

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    Actually u can tether your iPhone 3g using MyWi application what it does is that it turns ur iPhone a wifi hotspot using your 3G service.

    If u r able to get full signal in u r mobile at ur place u can use 3G service.

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    @ raj.mallesh Not just Iphone you can do that with every Android phone as well and many other platforms. OP is not asking how to use tethering.. Its more about availability of networks rather then redistribution.

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