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Rate your zeenext broadband connection

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    Default Rate your zeenext broadband connection

    Rate your zeenext broadband connection for us.

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    Thumbs down Zeenext Worst Broadband On Earth

    PLEASE whoever wants a broadband at least do not go for ZeeNext..

    I have been using the ZeeNext broadband service since I came to India from US and its been almost eight months and all I have for them is anger and frustration as I have seen days without connection and spent hours and hours waiting to see the face of the world wide web using ZeeNext cable lines which are thinner then my hair strands.

    The all mighty cable wala is such a curse on this earth that the more I say and moan about them the more I have left to say. This arrangement of ZeeNext and thier cable operators is just there to make life for the customer more and more difficult.

    The thing I really hate about Zeenext is that I can’t use a new computer for connecting to the internet as one has to call Zeenext and get them to allow the new Mac address of the LAN card to access the internet.

    ZEENEXT BROADBAND IS THE WORST BROADBAND ON EARTH and I can say this with full confidence and with no secound thoughts about this.

    Change yourself Zeenext or the customer will change thier ISP as and when they get an option of another ISP in thier area.

    ZeeNext is the worst ever. The amount of downtime they have + the amount of call I used to make to the representatives is more than the I using a bsnl dialup for the whole month...

    My sincere recommendation to all you guys is never to go for ZeeNext connection.

    Warning: Be careful with your broad band connection especially with ZeeNext, because ZeeNext is using low quality cables. More over they are passing these cables from a hi tension current wires because of which Direct current will be passed to your systems . In Bangalore many customers systems are burnt because of this. I was one of them. Even though my system was protected with UPS etc..,because of ZeeNext direct cable my total PC got burnt. Many complaints are given but its of no use . Company never responds to customers and not even takes care of changing their low quality cables. My concern is ’If any kids hold those cables by mistake Im sure he will loose his life’ . But the company don’t realize .. why they will care about people lives , they only want money on every first.. I m just thinking how we can teach them a lesson. Big and private companies like this are hiding all these things with power and bribe. We all should discourage the company by not taking the connection from them. We all should ban one company for one to two years so that they will suffer from losses and will know the values of the customer. If we start doing this certainly other companies will learn and they will have a fear on customer.

    Posted by Abhay Nimje (abhay305)

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    Zeenext is the Costliest and the pathetic internet service provider. I have taken the zeenext internet connection and have suffered a lot. It's a pre-paid service and you need to charge the subscription every month like how you charge your mobile pre-paid subscription. You will lose the connection most of the time and the downtime is never less than 24 hours. Sometimes it may go upto 72 hours. There are no pros that I have seen with this connection. These are the cons of taking the zeenext internet service.

    1) Initial connection and installation are the highest compared to any other service provider in India. They take a cable installation charge of Rs.2000 which is not refundable. And if you renting a modem they take a refundable deposit of Rs.1500.That comes to around Rs.3500 Initial charges. Apart from this they charge you the modem rent of Rs.150 per month. If you take an Airtel or BSNL, the installation charges are maximum Rs.1000 or even less if you are taking it through some offer.

    2) Charges for the service per month are highest compared to any other internet service provider. You need to re-charge the subscription every month like the same way you charge your mobile phone subscription. For instance they charge you Rs.1272 per month for 256kbps connection. One thing that I have noticed is it's a pay and do not use service , as service is out atleast 3-4 times a week. In rainy seasons it is even more.

    3) I feel they have the cheap quality devices for the service infrastructure as the customer care representative always say that the device is not working or the power to the device is not working. Most of the times the cable is cut. You cannot use voice over this cable as the quality of the cable is very bad. If you think of the Airtel or BSNL infrastructure, they have a very high quality and advanced infrastructure. Airtel and BSNL have their presence throughout India and they keep on upgrading their infrastructure and services they provide.

    4) The service is out most of the times. If you are working in software domain, and using the internet connection for accessing your office network, then I would request you not to go for the Zeenext connection. I am working in software domain and I have repented many times for taking zeenext internet service. Most of the times whenever I had some important office work the service is out. I hope you can understand the frustration then. If you are not in the software domain, but using the service say for some business still the service outage can be disastrous to your business.

    5) The customer service is of absolute low grade. Whenever you call the customer care, you will always be greeted with a pre-recorded voice message asking you to leave the message and they will get back. It's very rare that you can speak to the customer care as soon as you call up. Moreover the customer care representatives do not have proper etiquettes and lack good communication skills.

    6) Whenever the service is out, there is lot of delay in getting back the connection. I feel their processes are not well organized. For instance once the customer care told me there is a fibre cut and they are working on it. It was more than 24 hours that the fiber has been cut and they are working on it. He even told me that the issue has been escalated. You can imagine that if the escalated issue takes more than 24 hours, how many hours it would take if the issue is not escalated.

    7) You need to re-charge the subscription at the end of 29 days, means on 30th day. if you do not do it then your internet connection will be terminated. Suppose if you re-charge the service on 31st day, and say you have taken 5GB/256Kbps connection and you have used say only 1 GB previous month, then the remaining 4GB will not be carry-forwarded. You can think of the words as I said above “Pay for not using the service ".

    8) This is very important point concerned to legal issues. The terms and conditions in the form have been written as per their ease. You need to sign this form before taking the connection. If you have suffered a lot because of poor service from Zeenext and would like to file a case against them in the consumer court you cannot do it because of the following condition in the form:
    The Service is provided on an "AS IS AND AVAILABLE" basis without warranties of any kind either expresses or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose.

    You can imagine now, if the service is out for 3-4 days, you could just fold your hands and repent for taking the connection.

    If you are thinking of taking internet service in any city of India, then go for the DSL connection. The order of preference would be Airtel and BSNL. Airtel does not have their presence in every part of the city, but BSNL does have. BSNL will take 1-3 months time frame to get the connection but the wait-time is worth. If you still take the Zeenext internet service connection, I bet my last penny, that you will come back to me saying that you did a mistake.

    Let's create awareness among the general public on harassment of the Zeenext service. Spread this information among your colleagues and friends and save them from being harassed. It's high time that they stop taking customers on a ride.

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    Default Zeenext is the worst, worst and worst....

    Hi friends
    I I would read your posts 3 months back, I woudnt prefer to take this worst zeenext broadband connection. Nothing much to say about this connection.
    It is simply worst in connetivit and the services they provide. They are simply looking for the initial installation charges of 1500(non-refundable). If u paid that amout, they done their job. You have to cry with your just cable witout connection.
    They are very best worst in responding to our calls also.

    Final quote:

    Dont get frustrated..Dont lose your patiency..Dont loose your health.. By taking this this connection and makig calls to theai
    OIt is simply waste...
    take care

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    Default Re: Zeenext is the worst, worst and worst....


    I have been a ZeeNext Customer from past 15 months. Last month my computer got burnt through ZeeNext Connection.

    1) The entire ZeeNext Cable has turned black inside.
    2) ZeeNext modem is not working
    3) The USB Cable connecting the Modem & the Computer is full of ashes.
    4) All the Peripherals connected to other USB Ports are not working

    I immediately booked complaint by sending a mail & also called them couple of times after which they registered a complaint only after seeing my mail and told me that someone would be visiting my home. For one month no one visited. Finally when I called them again, they told that no complaint is registered. After the argument, they gave me the manager's number. The Manager also argued in the same way, but finally sent a guy to check the connection. After seeing everything, that person is telling the problem is not from their side. Can anyone tell me what action I can take & anyone suggest how to interrogate the real problem?


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    Default question

    anything that ll make us feeel good can be asked.. we doont have such network in our location wat to do

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