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Is the next Internet Speed revolution around the corner?

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    Default Is the next Internet Speed revolution around the corner?

    If the word from Radius Infratel, a Telecom Infrastructure firm, is to be believed, we are just about half a month away from the Internet revolution. Wait a minute, that was in the 1990's, wasn't it? Yes, but you will have to agree that being able to download about 4 Gb in a minute is as close to revolutionary as possible. Residential broadband connections will become ultra fast and super powerful by the middle of 2013, as per the speculations and expectations in the industry. Download speeds to the tunes 1Gbps will be a reality in as many as 9 of the most progressive cities of the country.

    Rajnish Wahl, CEO of the above mentioned Telecom Infrastructure firm mentioned that such high seed broadband connections will let users download a complete 2 hour HD movie in about 30 seconds. Rajnish Wahl was careful in not naming any service providers of this remarkably fast broadband, or any of the cities where such services could be offered first. However, he did mention that network infrastructure had been set in lace to make this high speed Internet dream a reality. Radius Infratel is said to have already entered agreements and partnerships with the top guns of the real estate industry for the provision of high speed fiber optic network.

    The company’s network has already penetrated into almost 3 lakh homes in the country, and the prime cities covered are Delhi NCR region, Banagalore, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Pune. The market is pretty fiercely competitive, with a couple of market giants already planning to make it big with the next Internet speed revolution. State owned MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) is already offering FTTH (Fiber to the Home) plans, one of them being the Fiber Thrill 2590 plan where in users have to pay Rs 2590 per month to enjoy high speed Internet, with a free slot of 150 GB data. Airtel is the other big name in the industry, offering 100 Mbps data transfer speed under its FTTH plans. On a global front, Google Fiber services came up with a 1Gbps Internet service plan in Kansas City, United States. Back home, CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd) is looking forward to revolutionizing the very manner in which home cables are laid, in order to implement the next gen FTTH technology. We could well be converging from distinct information platforms such as telephone, Cable TV, and Internet to a single platform with the FTTH technology.

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    i don't think it will happens ultra fast.
    yes backbone internet will be improved in coming years. yes government has planned to provide broadband .
    But it will take 2 to 4 years to be implemented.

    meanwhile some internet service providers are offering unlimited download plans now. Also people need to go for cable broadband rather than wireless broadband. in India there are so many people that wireless networks are overloaded. Despite cable broadband are cheap and provide better bandwidth, most of the people are still depended on wireless internet.
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    Default Re: Is the next Internet Speed revolution around the corner?

    As per report minimum speed for broadband is 2 mbps from coming year
    now its only 256 kbps
    Bsnl is giving vdsl broadband 16mbps @ 3199 onwards ,24 mbps plans also available in most part of the country
    Ftth is also available in major cities
    God Make me a channel of your piece
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    I'll believe that article when I see something as simple as 2mb DSL working correctly in India. What a rubbish press release.

    The rest of the civilized world hasn't even broken 100mb in most areas (including the US cities mentioned in the post), and India is going to see 1gb? Yeah right. You can't even get 1gb as a residential package in North America, period!
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