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Need a new connection! Please suggest!

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    Unhappy Need a new connection! Please suggest!

    My reliance connection stopped working on OCT 20 and the technician told me that a cable has been cut and it would cost them Rs.50,000 for new cable. And since there are only 2 of us in my area using Reliance they told me to quit and take another connection.

    Initially I hesitated but then again I couldn't go on without internet for 5 days.
    I took Airtel and I got the last node available(98% in my area have airtel). The agent said that I have to go for 2mbps 30gb limit for now and later I can take 8mps 60gb limit.
    Airtel to be honest is BULLSHIT!
    I loved my Reliance connection 1mbps day + 1.5 mbps night unlimited NO F**cking FUP! The hassle of logging in and out once a day is totally acceptable. I download 130gb/month in torrents alone.

    I can't find a better deal now. Airtel is **** coz I can't check how much I've downloaded since the connection is shared using a wifi router(bro and dad use too). And I fear the 30gb limit is download+upload. This shittier part is it only gives 256kbps after the limit. For god sake what is that. I remember using Sify 7 years back with that speed and it feels like I've gone back in time. Sorry for grieving here.

    I live in Bangalore - Old Airport Road - Wind Tunnel Road
    Someone PLEASE suggest a good connection without FUP! ASAP!

    And my BSNL landline has been dead for a month. Incompetent BSNL CC. I can't even go for BSNL Broadband.

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    Check if Railwire BB is available in your area.
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