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limited options for broadband, please suggest

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    Unhappy limited options for broadband, please suggest

    Hello All,

    I am staying in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Am in search of nice broadband for a long time now.

    MTNL TRIBAND: Currently slots are full, and to open up new slots as per them will take anywhere between 6months to a year, cant wait that long

    Airtel: Area not feasible for them

    Can you all suggest me a good broadband service, specially need it to be consistent with network connectivity, odd disconnection is ok but not frequent.

    At my previous location have used Triband, and love it, but not an option here.

    Please suggest a good ISP, need to take a 2MBPS unlimited plan.


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    If you are willing to consider MTNL 3G then you can choose the MTNL 3G 200GB data plan.

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    Is it just wired connection you would prefer or would you also consider wireless connection?

    If you may consider a wireless connection the options are MTS MBlaze or Reliance 3G dongle connection, MTNL has already been suggested which is also a good option.

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