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Best isp for gaming with low ping (bangalore to EU)

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    Default Best isp for gaming with low ping (bangalore to EU)

    Hey,I'm from vijaynagar,bangalore, so I'm fed up with BSNL giving me 300 ping since an year and they did nothing about it, so I'm planning to buy a new internet connection.

    I need pings of 150-170ms or a little more to netherlands or germany server.

    I heard airtel is good, but their CC is horrible, and has many downtimes(?)
    ACT 2Mbps connection - 300 ms pings to EU... is ACT 15mbps good?

    Idk about other options, please suggest what should i go for? I need speed of atleast 4Mbps with atleast 6GB fup and my highest priority is for low pings

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    250ms + is the best you would get for EU servers and that would only go up as and when there are problems with the network. Have you looked at servers in HK or Singapore?

    You could get an Airtel connection but I would be surprised if you get anything less then 250ms to EU. Most ISP's have more or less the same route to EU so I dont see how your latency would come down by changing your ISP. Its about distance more then anything else and complaining to Bsnl will not help as low latency is not very high on their priority list.

    If this server in EU is your own then how about moving to an Indian data centre? CTRLS is one of the best in India and their prices are a lot more reasonable. You would get less then 50ms PING

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