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TRAI 2 MBPS Broadband ?

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    Default TRAI 2 MBPS Broadband ?

    Hello Guys

    TRAI is going to announce minimum speed of 2 mbps for broadband soon. Connections below speed of 2 mbps will be considered dial up connections. Currently minimum speed justified BY TRAI is 512 KBPS as Broadband.

    will they really do it or just beating the bush around ?

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    This has been in discussions for a long time now. I am pretty sure that TRAI will make the minimum requirement 2mbps for a connection to be termed as broadband.

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    Earlier they gave some sort of vision statement that by 2015, minimum broadband speed would be 2 mpbs, but just a few days ago they postponed it to, I think, 2017 !

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    This new government is upto something. Coal and Telecom are two main areas where they are very pro active so I am very hopeful that it would be a lot sooner.

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