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Various ISP available in Jalandhar, Punjab ?

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    Default Various ISP available in Jalandhar, Punjab ?

    I'm currently using Airtel BB with 8 mbps and 175 gb limit. Though my internet usage is not really that heavy, I get a notification from Airtel after about 20 days into my cycle that I'm left with 20% limit. Honestly, this has been a very frustrating experience for me. I cross checked everything and made my WiFi secure and still the problem persists every month. I feel there is some underlying scam on the part of Airtel. So I've started looking for options.

    Can anybody suggest me an ISP in Jalandhar, Punjab which would give a good bundle of internet data for about 3k/month ? Preferably a local ISP.

    Thanks guys

    PS: I'm not planning to go for Connect, DreamTel or BSNL.

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    Bsnl and Connect are big players when it comes to have internet services in Jalandhar. But after sales service really sucks specially in case of Bsnl. I know somebody who uses digitelnet's internet plan from almost 1.5 years now and he says that its been really great experience ( whole company was temporarly down for complete month due to dispute with airtel an i think we can ignore that) . If you really want max uptime then go for digitelnet.

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