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Syrma modem not working on Mtnl mumbai

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    Default Syrma modem not working on Mtnl mumbai

    Dear Members, I was using BSNL broadband at Hyderabad using syrma wifi router + modem. Now I have shifted base to Mumbai and taken MTNL Mumbai connection. Now I am struggling to configure internet settings with the modem. For Mtnl Mumbai default VCI no is 32 but in the webpage it is shown as 35. Even if I change it to 32 and save, it gives the error "Failed to update due to ...duplicate to a vpi/vci". My doubt is whether I can use syrma router for Mtnl Mumbai and if yes what is the workaround for the error mentioned above. Also when I open the page, the page shows BSNL logo instead of Mtnl logo. Please guide.

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    Yes you can use the same modem for both BSNL and MTNL, infact airtel adsl connections can also use the same modems as bsnl and mtnl.

    There is something you are missing out on. Please double check all the values you are using and see how it goes. It does get a bit tricky some times. I would also suggest a factory restore of the modem if nothing works and then set up from scratch.

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