ZeeNext broadband is worst than a ****. ZeeNext is the most wrost boardband connections in the whole universe*. The download speeds never go above 8kbps for 64kbps connection, and 35kbps for a 256kbps connection. I envy my friends who have BSNL broadband and have download speeds of atleast 200 kbps. I warn ZeeNext that if they continue like this, the no. of users they have will go down and they will run into losses. By the way, I paid Rs 1500 initially for the connection and he said that was the minimum amount you will have to pay to get the connection and it is not refundable. Their plans are one of the worst one could ever have.

One of the biggest mistakes that I ever did was to actually believe what the ZeeNext marketing guy had to say the first time I met him.

I ended up paying 1000 towards installation charges and got myself a ZeeNext 128kbps "UNLIMITED" pack. Little did I know this was just the start of a 3 month ordeal with the worst ISP in India. In 3 months I have figured out the following:

1. You WILL be capped for downloading. Its a punishment. You can only browse using this connection and any P2p or even normal http / ftp downloads exceeding 150mb per day will get you capped @ a pathetic 2kbps for the rest of the day.

2. The cable guy will say its Zeenext's fault and ZeeNext will point fingers at the cable guy, its a vicious cycle.

3. Almost all ports are blocked and I literally had to fight with the area technical service representative to get ports opened. It took me 2 months to convince him the port was harmless

4. Worst tech support department.. all they say is sorry and please. Absolutely no action taken at the end of the day.

All said and done to sum up ZeeNext is CHEATING all users. Please dont fall for the brand name and the image that they portray. They are the most un professional ISP that I have ever worked with. If you are in Bangalore try and get yourself exattnet who provide an unlimited 128k (16kbps download speeds) PPPOE package. No client nothing. Just a simple dialer .. minimal downtime .. no port blocks ... live ip address dynamically assigned and complete value for money @ 600 per month.

If you are still with ZeeNext .. Good luck is all that I can say!