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    Smile Bsnl 3G USB Modem With Sim Card


    I am here to tell you my experiance of Bsnl 3G USB modem internet using bsnl 3g sim card into data card,herei got device for 2500.

    Bsnl 3g is nice service for internet in Rajkot(Gujarat).

    But this is starting so some time it goes down,once completely done it will provide speed more than EV-DO Connection.

    Thought i am getting 1 mbps at starting but it is good for me.

    I have chosen R.s.999 Plan For 10GB post paid.

    Reply with your expriance of Bsnl 3G data Card.

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    buddy even i m from Gujarat..(Surat)..will you tell me what speed you are getting currently ? is it consistent speed ?

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    Here Bsnl 3G internet started before 4 days,i asked them about speed the told me that this service is new so it will give you perfect speed in 15 days and now i am getting currrently speed for surfing like broaband 500 combo plan.

    Do not know about downloading speed but i got 100kpbs download speed in torrent and it is better than EV-DO connection,Looks like this is the wireless internet i was searching for because i was needed more than 3 mbps for my laptop.

    If you feel bad or unsecure than visit BSNL office for more info or go and check andbody using BSNL 3G data card in your area?

    Or ask at BSNL office for how many existing customers of this internet and get their phone no and ask them.

    But i am damm sure that this net is very very very good....Best for me.

    My friend bought this too at now.

    You will get 1 problem in this data card,that is this service is 3G so it will be costly
    1) 10GB=R.s.999
    2) Unlimited=R.s. 2500

    This both plans are nice.

    i am goona change plan to R.s.2500 unlimited because i can spend those much for this service.


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    hello neosans12, i m also from rajkot, and planning to buy bsnl 3G data card, but when i gone to bsnl csc, they told me to check bsnl 3g speed at my location b4 buying it from any owner of bsnl 3g data card, .. so i came to this forum and thought to get help from someone good like u.. so can u plz help me anything abt it ?

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    am planing to bye it so please tell me what is the download speed u get in kanpur

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    Default bsnl 3g modem

    i am from palanpur (banaskantha, gujarat), i use taracom 3g data card,

    i got download speed in http file download is 250 to 450kbps

    and in torrent download speed is 1kbps to 350 kbps till now.

    but one problem in data card, in my devise is not continues disconnected in random time

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    Default bsnl sim card settings for usb sim card modem

    can anyone tell the settings of bsnl; for the 'usb sim card modem'.......... I have "USB Sim Card Modem" of beetel.. but its not getting connected after filling the mobile number and access point as 'bsnlnet'.... pls help

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