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    Default Huawei UMG 1831 21mbps modem giving <1mbps


    I just bought a Huawei UMG 1831 modem which says it supports 21 mbps(for future networks of course). I bought it knowing that BSNL 3G for now supports upto 7.2mbps. And i've seen my HSDPA enabled mobile phone giving speeds upto 4mbps.

    But when i connected this modem, its giving less than 1 mbps even on download accelerators. Is it just network congestion or some problem with modem? I also saw that its updated to the latest firmware: 11.826.03.01.420

    Anyone with the same modem ? I need help guys, i'm using it in bangalore. As i've said, my 3G mobile gives speed upto 4mbps. Any inputs will be appreciated.

    *P.S: But this modem doesn't come with any manual or warranty, it comes in just a small carboard box, on which 21mbps is pasted with a separate paper. Is it like those pen drive scams claiming 100000000... GB capacities? To make it worse, huawei doesn't have any websites with info on these modems, like other mobile phone websites have.

    Come on guys, no one with any info?
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