I am from Bangalore. I bought a BSNL 3G USB Data Card 7.2 MBps yesterday (saturday). As soon as I bought it, I wanted to test the same before using and hence asked one engineer there at Koramangala BSNL office to test it for me. He connected the card and speedtest it. There was yellow light blinking and the speed shown was 1.3 MBps. I was really ecstatic.

But since then till now, the max. speed which I've got is around 300 KBps and that too for some seconds before it crawls on 10-20 KBps. I'm basically a MAC user so I tried first in there. I thought it might be the OS which is the problem. So, I tried it in Windows (I've dual boot) but there also same thing. Moreover, I'm only getting Green light blinking although the "BSNL 3G" application saying it's detecting UMTS & HSDPA both randomly. I'm less than 600 - 700 meter from Koramangala BSNL branch which I'm sure have a 3G tower.

I'm utterly frustrated. Any ideas / help / consolations would be highly appreciated.