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    Default HSPADatacard driver 1 and 2 missing

    Hello all,

    I bought BSNL 3G 7.2mbps LW273 Teracom like three months ago. At first when connected the datacard, all the drivers/softwares got installed properly on my computer. For some reason, the speed wasn't upto the mark. In a few threads here on the indiabroadband.net, some folks suggested to uninstall modem drivers and the connect the datacard so that everything gets installed again (properly). So, I uninstalled the BSNL software and modem drivers (HSPADatacard driver 1 and HSPADatacard driver 2). After doing so, when reconnect the datacard, my comp is unable to detect the datacard. It started looking for HSPADataCard driver 1 and 2 and is never being recognized as there are no drivers available on my comp.

    I tried searching on the net and found some of the following links regarding HSPADatacard drivers.

    http : // drivers . informer . com / search / HSPADatacardSearch results for HSPADatacard
    http :// / drivers / downloadHSPADataCard~USB~Modem1.html

    But, these links do not have any download links so that I can download drivers and install them on my comp. Now, my questions are:

    - Has anybody faced this kind of issue earlier?
    - If so, could you please guide me on how to get the drivers - or if there is any other way to fix this issue?

    It's almost three months since I purchased the 3G datacard and I am just not able to use it. Any help here would be much appreciated.

    thanks in advance
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    why dont u claim warranty of it.

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    Try a different usb port also.
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    hi i have done the same. than went to bsnl office for technical support thay have no idea. thay said format is the only way. than i have back up my files format my windows now its working good . it the software that is not good never ever uninstall bsnl 3g software. hope that helps

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    @panchabhut : I tried all the different USB ports. No luck what so ever

    @b_godhania : Will try this option, if everything else fails.

    @mickeyandaamir: Will check with BSNL guys. I doubt I would get a good response from them.

    Is there any other way in which I can get drivers?

    thanks in advance

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    Thumbs up Try this... May be help u

    Quote Originally Posted by praveen_at_hyd View Post
    Is there any other way in which I can get drivers?

    thanks in advance

    This is a short tutorial that tell you how to find drivers in your computer .

    First open

    device manager -> then choose the missing driver
    -> and open properties
    Go to details and copy the number

    [using CTRL + C]

    [ex . : PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8139&SUBSYS_81391849&REV_10 ]

    Go to

    Any drivers you need! Known devices: 2022092.

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