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Alternatives to BSNL3G in volume (heavy data user)market ?

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    Talking Alternatives to BSNL3G in volume (heavy data user)market ?

    When I saw the advt of Aircel Wi-Fi in the banner of our blog page showing a young guy sitting in a mall looking at his smart phone- I realised whom the 3G players are targeting - "Not us lepers -"heavy download data card type customers who want the sky under Rs 1000!"-
    Rather -Young generation from say 13 to 22 (living under Daddy's pocket allowance) or young single/dating crowds- 22yrs to 30 yrs who hang around in the mall eating Rs 200 burger combo with new jobs and spend all you earn crowd ( still living mostly free under Dad/mom most of the time.But spend all their salary)
    3G telcos expect these happy Rs 10-25k Smart phone toting crowd to pay Rs 1000 for 2 GB for use in their new toy!
    Professional crowd &Techies (paid by office for data usage to work away from office through Crackberry ,Iphone,data card ) dont mind paying up Rs 2000 for 5-10 Gb.
    That leaves us -Kiasu crowd-who pay our 3G bills with own cash (not company paid) who want the cheapest heavy data usage deal in town- standing last in Q in Preferred customers by the telco's.
    (Kiasu term used in Singapore for those who are tight with wallets) !!
    So far
    Airtel came with Rs 2000 max bill (for 13 GB in full speed)
    Aircel still around Rs 975 for 2 GB (1275 u/l plan not launched)

    Vodaphone is impressive in chennai in trial.
    (I dont know about TNadu upcountry. Voda's data plans may be equally pricey when this free bonanza ends)
    Iam in my 3rd day of my Honeymoon with Voda with speeds around 4Mbps almost finished my 2GB /Rs 98GPRS top up using for essential work.
    Not so important browsing goes on in slower BSNL3G sim which has no meter.

    Since I did not check out Airtel and Aircel 3G yet but did try Voda & happy,
    I dont mind paying premium for a Voda 3G (prepaid) for higher speed and less users comapred to BSNL as long they gave carry forwardable balance.
    Say 5-10GB-Rs 1000-1500/30 days validity Data pack but carry forwardable balance with the smallest 30 day validity top up like Rs 250/250Mb/30 days top up on the last day.
    (The way Iam doing with Tata photon for the last 3-4 months)

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    dump 3G and go for EVDO.
    BSNL EVDO gives true unlimited with all india roaming (excl delhi/mumbai)
    or also MTS EVDO that gives 12 GB for 999 recharge.
    also if you use it with olive pocket wifi router you can get same benefits on the move with you wifi enabled smart phone (with MTS you can also directly use on EVDO enabled smart phone)
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    Nice info PB. What is the speed in EvDO ? How much is the rent now ?

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