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Suggestions and Info needed by new user

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    Default Suggestions and Info needed by new user

    Guys, need your suggestions.

    First I'll give you the background:

    This is what shows on the BSNL website today (02/Dec/11):

    Data Charges in Rs./10 KB*** (except APN 'bsnlstream') - 0.04
    This amounts to Rs.4000/- per GB

    Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream) - 0.25
    This amounts to Rs.250/- per GB

    Here's the confusion:
    For the same 3G service why is the APN 'bsnlstream' so much cheaper and why is everything else more expensive? Is there a speed restriction on 'bsnlstream'? I understand that this APN is for video streaming, but I am assuming that it can be used for browsing as well.

    Also, When I called the BSNL Customer Service (18001801503) the executive told me that there is no option other than 4p/10kb. She claimed that that option of 25p/1MB does not exist.

    I was planning to go for the Rs.649/month plan with 2GB. I don't expect to cross 2GB usage, but would be mad as hell if I ended up paying an extra 4000 bucks for additional 1GB usage.

    I took a prepaid 3G SIM from BSNL yesterday for trial and the APN 'bsnlstream' doesn't work at all. . I am able to browse on the phone as well as tether my laptop using 'bsnlnet' as the APN.

    I don't mind slower speeds of around 300-500kbps but I need to have some economical option to control my bill. 2G is not an option. It is too slow.

    I am currently using 75-150 MB per day on a Reliance Netconnect (Broadband+) Data Card. Now I intend to stop using that and use BSNL 3G only. I shall have a common device for phone and laptop internet tethering.

    Here are the questions:

    1. Does the APN 'bsnlstream' exist even now or has it been removed?

    2. If bsnlstream is still usable, then how do I get it to work on my phone (iPhone 3GS) so that if I exceed the 2GB 'free data' limit I only pay a Rs.250/GB.

    3. I wanted the 'best value plan' of Rs.700 per month, but they claim that is it not available anymore.
    Is there a plan that someone can suggest that is not mentioned on the website but is available with BSNL in POSTPAID 3G?

    4. By my current working, I need approx 5GB data transfer per month (both U/L and D/L included). Any other suggestions to keep costs as low as possible for around 3-5GB monthly usage mostly in the daytime (i.e. business hours).

    5. Should I just stick with my Reliance Data Card?

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    Right now discount is going on.In my circle 1250/- is now 750/- and it is applicable upto 31.12.2011.

    I think this offer is also available to your circle also.If available just grab it.
    750/- = 5000MB free data use anytime for 30 days.This is what you are looking for.

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    just stick with ur Reliance Data Card

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    I just realized. All private operators have cheaper plans than BSNL now.

    Airtel is giving 5GB in 750 bucks.

    what's BSNL up to? They are charging 1250 for the same 5GB.

    What the hell is up with BSNL?

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