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Mobile Partner Vr. 16 issue

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    Default Mobile Partner Vr. 16 issue

    I have Huwei E1732 (unlocked) data card with Mobile Partner version
    " FaKiro" & it's has Voice Call, Video Call, SMS, MMS & USSD support. It's run in XP very good without any kind of issue but recently i upgrade my system with Windows 7 (32bit) Service Pack 1 & i discover it's several issue like

    1) Voice call not functioning---> Error: No sound/Audio device installed. Actual fact my System very well configured without any issue.

    2) USSD not working --->Error:OLE initialization failed, Make sure that OLE Libraries are correct version.

    3) Video Call features disable.

    4) Some time device not recognize & disconnection.

    I think higher version of Mobile Patner Software remedy for this kind of issue but how to collect this software? (any link , website) or any kind of good suggestions are appreciated for solve this type of issue.

    Thanks in advance.
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