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BSNL 3G Plans

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    Default BSNL 3G Plans

    BSNLís countrywide reach and access to a world class convergent IP infrastructure empowers it to the status of a strong service provider. BSNL is using the same copper cable for providing broadband facility as is used for telephones. Although this would come as a surprise for many, but BSNLís broadband infrastructure is competent enough to be compared to the developed countries of the world. The services on offer from the BSNL stable include IPTV, content based services, and always on broadband Internet access. Straightaway, I present to you all the information youíll need to have a 3G connection from BSNL.

    3G Prepaid and Postpaid Data Service
    The Activation and SIM charges are similar to those of Prepaid and Postpaid voice plan. The MRP can be adjusted up to Rs3 (-/+) of the price given in the website based on the technical feasibility. The usage of free data is applicable only at activation time only.
    Particulars FRC 51 FRC 55
    MRP of FRC (Incl. of S.Tax) Rs.51 Rs 55*
    Free usage value in Rs. Nil Nil
    Validity 30 days 30 days
    Free Data usage 200 MB to be used within 30 Days from the date of activation 2 GB to be used within 30 Days from the date of activation
    Availability Through C-Topup Through C-Topup
    Applicability Any data plan with sale of BSNL data card or any of the BSNL bundled data card(Other than PCMCIA data card) Any data plan with sale of BSNL PCMCIA data card
    Base Voice Tariff plan As per prepaid General 120 plan As per prepaid 3G Special

    3G Prepaid Data Recharge Vouchers and Postpaid Data plans

    3G Postpaid Data Plan
    Several easy plans are devised for the convenience of the customer.
    Fixed Monthly Charge in Rs.(Service Tax Extra) Day/Any time usage in GB Night * usage in GB Total bundled free Usage in GB Data Charges in Rs./10 KB*** (except APN 'bsnlstream') Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream)
    369 1000 1000 0.04 0.25
    549 1000 2000 3000 0.04 0.25
    649 2000 2000 0.04 0.25
    1133(680) 5000 5000 0.04 0.25
    1633(1143) 10000 10000 0.04 0.25
    2039(1427) 15000 15000 0.04 0.25

    Best Value Plan
    This is one of the best options available.
    Slno Particulars Charges
    a) Fixed Monthly Charges Rs 700
    b) Free data Usage 2 GB
    c) Additional Usage Charge Beyond Free usage limit (10 KB pulse) Rs 100/GB

    3G Prepaid Data Plans
    Customers can prepay and use the data card facility.
    Data RCV in Rs.(Inclusive Service Tax) Day/Any time usage in MB Night * usage in MB Total bundled free Usage in GB Validity (days)** Data Charges in Rs./10KB*** (except APN 'bsnlstream') Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream)
    100 225 225 15 0.04 0.25
    200 500 500 15 0.04 0.25
    400 1000 1000 30 0.04 0.25
    606 1000 2000 3000 30 0.04 0.25
    716 2000 2000 30 0.04 0.25
    1250(750) 5000 5000 30 0.04 0.25
    1800(1260) 10000 10000 30 0.04 0.25
    2250(1575) 15000 15000 30 0.04 0.25
    2500 20000 20000 60 0.04 0.25
    3000 30000 30000 90 0.04 0.25
    3100 15000 15000 180 0.04 0.25
    5000 30000 30000 180 0.04 0.25
    *11.00PM to 07.00 AM
    **The validity of main and dedicated accounts both increase
    ***the data charges which are above the free usage will be deducted from the current available balance of the main account of the user. Usage of free data is applicable for roaming and home LSA. The prices may differ from circle to circle by a margin of (-/+) of Rs 3.

    3G Data Top-up voucher
    Easily rechargeable vouchers are devised
    Type of Voucher MRP (Incl. of S. Tax) Free Usage in MB Validity
    3G Data Top-up Rs.100 250 MB Nil
    3G Data Top-up Rs.190 500 MB Nil
    3G Data Top-up Rs.350 500 MB Nil
    Service Tax @10.30% is included in the MRP. The price may vary with a margin of (-/+) Rs3/ depending on the circle.

    3G Combo Data Plan
    FMC/RCV for 3G Combo Data plan
    Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs. (Postpaid) RCV Amount in Rs. (Incl. of S. Tax) (Prepaid) Free 3G Data Usage in MB Total (Local+ National) Min Total SMS Local Video call in Min
    300 331 300 300 300 30
    500 551 500 1000 500 50
    1000 1103 1024 2000 1000 100
    2000 2206 3072 5000 2000 200
    Service tax at @10.30% is included in the MRP of the Data RCV. There may be a price difference of Rs 3/(-/+) depending on the circle.
    For 3G prepaid RCV, the validity is 30 days. main account and the dedicated account validity will be increased by RCV.
    The free data usage, SMSs, minutes video/voice calls given along with the plan should be utilized within the given validity period. Unutilized freebies cannot be carry forwaded.
    Free data usage is applicable for national roaming as well. But the free SMSs, free video/voice calss are meant for home LSA only.
    Usage above free limits and other charges will be similar to normal call charges, i.e.3G service- base voice plan.
    If customers do not purchase the data card from BSNL, they have to activate through FRC 120.
    The rates mentioned in the above table are subject to the technical feasibility of concerned IN.

    Trial Pack
    MRP of Trial pack in Rs. (Incl. of S. Tax) Rs.121
    Free usage in MB 300 MB
    Validity in days* 15 days

    Trial pack customers will be charged as per the base plan after the usage of125MB/300MB or 15 days expiry.
    *The validity of main and dedicated accounts will increase.

    Base voice Tariff for Data Plans
    Particulars Postpaid Plan-99
    Call Charges Rs./Min
    Voice Call
    Local- On-net 0.49
    Local - Off-net 0.49
    STD - On-net 0.49
    STD- Off-net 0.49
    Video Call
    Local-Video calls 0.70
    STD - Video calls 1.00
    ISD Calls in Rs./Min
    Voice Call As per 2G postpaid plan 99
    Video Call Not available
    P2P SMS Rs./SMS
    Local 0.49
    National 0.49
    International 5.00
    National Roaming Rs./Min
    Voice - Local Outgoing 1.00
    Voice - STD Outgoing 1.00
    Voice Call - Incoming 1.00
    Video Call - Local Outgoing 1.50
    Video Call - STD Outgoing 1.50
    Video call - Incoming 1.00
    Local/National SMS (Rs./SMS) 1.00
    International SMS (Rs./SMS) 5.00
    Data usage charges As per data plan
    All other charges not covered above Postpaid plan 99
    Prepaid plan- as per prepaid General 120 plan

    Sale price of USB Type HSDPA Data cards
    Name of the Vendor (Type) Data Speed Sale price MRP (Excl. of VAT) in Rs.
    M/s HFCL 3.6 MBPS 1600
    M/s.Teracom 3.6 MBPS 1600
    M/s.Teracom 7.2 MBPS 2000
    M/s.VMC System Ltd. 14.4 MBPS 2500
    Sale price of PCMCIA Type HSDPA Data cards
    Slno Name of the Vendor (Type) Make/ Model Data Speed Sale price MRP in Rs.
    1 M/s. Capitel Wireless Pvt. Ltd (PCMCIA Type) Option / GTMAX having Qualcom chipset 7200 Globe Trotter HSUPA 3.6 MBPS 1600(Excl. of VAT)
    2 M/s. Capitel Wireless Pvt. Ltd (PCMCIA Type) Option / GTMAX having Qualcom chipset 7200 Globe Trotter HSUPA 7.2 MBPS 4500(Incl. of all taxes)

    Annual Payment option for all 3G postpaid data plans will be available with a discount of two months fixed monthly charges. Only 10 months fixed monthly charges are taken for annual charge if the payment is made in advance.
    After verifying the credentials of the officer, a discount of 10% on fixed monthly charges of all 3G postpaid data plan is offered to state government/central government /PSUs employees on new/existing connections. This discount cannot be combined with other concession/discount.

    Customers, who would like to take static IP address under BSNL 3G post-paid plans, will be given one static IP address at the rate of Rs250/ per month. If the annual payment is made in advance, two month fixed monthly charges discount is given. Only 10 months payment can be made.
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    I have a prepaid BSNL SIM and I'm using the per second voice plan( ie Rs 42 /- plan voucher)

    I want to go for a 3G data prepaid plan using the same SIM. Now the Rs 51 /- 3G prepaid plan voucher has a validity of 1 year and it offers 200MB free.

    So do I need to purchase this voucher first ? Can't I directly purchase a STV - say Rs 100/- having validity of 30 days instead of purchasing the voucher ?

    Also, I can't make out what's meant by "This will increase the validity of main and dedicated accounts both" on the BSNL website( Can't post the URL as I don't have 25 posts yet ). What is a "main account" and what is a "dedicated account" ?

    Thanks for any clarifications.

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    Just buy a normal BSNL 2G sim and recharge with any GPRS plan and you'll get 3G speed. Rs.219 gives 8 GB( 4GB day & 4GB night ).

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    Default BSNL 3G Plans

    Quote Originally Posted by chandra2730 View Post
    Just buy a normal BSNL 2G sim and recharge with any GPRS plan and you'll get 3G speed. Rs.219 gives 8 GB( 4GB day & 4GB night ).
    Seems BSNL is very generous with you......

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    BSNL has come up with annual prepaid 3G plans - anyone tried them yet ? Rates are quite attractive.

    Rs 3299/- , 1yr validity , 2.5GB X 12 months ( ie total 30 G )

    Rs 2299/- , 1yr validity , 1.5GB X 12 months ( ie total 18G )

    Rs 1251/- , 1yr validity , 750MB X 12 months ( ie total 9 G )

    Details are under the "Mobile Promotional" link on the BSNL site.

    EDIT : Visited the CSC today. The lady at the counter was not aware of these plans initially. She called up the marketing folks and then told me that there were some problems in implementing these plans by BSNL. They were having some problems and not able to credit the users with the right amount of data - something they were expecting to sort out within a week or so.
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