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Thread: BSNL 3G Data Card 80% Cheaper

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    Default BSNL 3G Data Card 80% Cheaper

    BSNL will be offering their 3G data card for Rs400 and Rs700. The Rs400 price will be for those who purchase the data card for a short validity and Rs700 is for those who purchase the 3G data card for a longer validity plan. The speed of the data card is 7.2mbps for a price of Rs400 and 14.4mbps for a price of Rs700. This offer is only valid from 1st Jue 2014 till 29th August 2014.

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    That is a decent offer. Only if they could lower their 3g tarrifs a bit to bring them at par with MTNL may be? An unlimited plan for a reasonable price or one with a half decent FUP would boost the number of customers.

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