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ADSL light in wa1003a stopped glowing!! HELP

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    Default ADSL light in wa1003a stopped glowing!! HELP

    My BSNL connection did not give me any major problems till now....even though i had a few problems, i was able to solve them myself with some help.

    From 2 days....My ADSL light in wa1003a stopped glowing (it dosen't blink or turns on at least once....its completely dead!!)
    I was facing minor problems from a week before this happened like the adsl was being cut off after some time....but it used to come up again after a system re-start or a modem reset...

    What should i do??? what is the problem with my modem???

    I am afraid that my modem's screwed up!!....but all other lights turn on except the adsl.

    I was using both laptop and desktop simultaneously before this happened!!

    Help me guys......

    reply asap....plzzzz!!

    And yes my telephone line is perfectly working!! and i am using a adsl splitter..
    and i havent had such a problem form 2 long years!!
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    so is your link onn, i mean can u connect ?? if yes then the led might have gone bad
    , and if not then its probably a hardware error, try resitting it. ( remember , u will need to re enter alll internal settings if u reset)

    so just take it to the bsnl guys , i think they will replace it

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    this could be a temporary error.. if you havent made any changes..

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    1 week later...after changing the whole telephone line....and after careless BSNL customer service.....i am online!!

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    i am online!!
    Happy to hear this.
    1.If you were on "Dialer mode" you could check the modem ,
    with a friend's BSNL BB entering his ID and password.
    If it works Only BSNL can repair your port.In the meantime
    we would have have tried so many suggestions, and sometimes
    even formatting the Hard disk. luckily you "escaped!"
    2. If you were "Always On" mode , of course you have to enter
    your userID and password in your modem WAN page , and test.
    3. Probability of Modem also going faulty exists. ( like all
    electronic items !!!).
    Enjoy surfing.
    4. By the way I suggest, you have NETONE as standby
    at least for checking mail etc. ( speed about 3KB/sec!!)
    This month Internet usage is free, but telephone charges
    ( reduced rates) applicable . Use only when you need it.

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