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BSNL DataOne Wi-Fi Modems

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    Exclamation BSNL DataOne Wi-Fi Modems

    I got a dataone connection last month. I had asked for type - 2 (Wi-Fi) modem but the official said that only Type - 1 is available prsently. When the type - 2 modem'll come you can get it exchanged by paying Rs. 600 extra.

    Now, the official called me up and said that the modem is now available. I am confused reg. whether to buy it or not coz am geting amazing speed on my type-1 modem.

    My current plan - Home UL 900
    Speed Download/Upload - 310/80 kbps(tested at
    Modem - Huawei Sterlite Smart AX MT882

    I have got one PC (non wi-fi) and one laptop (Wi-fi enabled).
    Do i need to have wi-fi on my pc too to surf the web via dataone and can dataone be used on pc and laptop at the same time????

    PLZ HELP.....

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    if you need to connect Laptop to Net thru wifi
    then you'd require a wifi enabled modem .
    PC itself is a non wifi . wifi modem makes it a wifi
    to transmit the net to a Laptop etc ...

    you can simultaneously use PC & Laptop for
    browsing . speed distributes between the two .

    check if you can use mt882 or mt841 for wifi .

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    my laptop catches wifi signals and connects internet...but it connects on 2nd floor and receives good signals but i want to receive signals at ground floor and i have bsnl zte 531b this help me for boosting the signals.....
    please tell me...

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    Position the modem/router near the window.
    and at a higher plane ( height)
    Where it is located now ?
    All systems laptop or you need laptop to be used in boh floors ?
    What about first floor ?
    Do you have BSNL phone outlets in all floors ?
    ( internal telephone wiring ).
    reply item wise.

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