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What is the WiFi range of ADSL2+ modem WA3002G4 type II

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    Question What is the WiFi range of ADSL2+ modem WA3002G4 type II


    I recently got a BSNL DataOne connection and can use it succesfully in both LAN and WiFi form.

    A query; What is the typical range for WiFi?

    When I am within 2 feet, the link status shows me "Excellent"
    When I take my laptop out of (some 10 feet) away from modem; link status shows "Good"

    When I about 15-20 feet away link status is shown as "Low"

    What could be the issue?
    Is any configuration required?
    I use Windows XP (Pro), Service Pack 3


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    I am not too good at wireless router but just thought would let you know that my cheap netgear router is placed on first floor and it works well on ground floor and on the second floor as well.
    So yeh it works atleast in the range of 30-40 metres.

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    Usually within a radius of 30 feet ( apprx 10 meters) connection

    expected to be stable (* conditions apply ! like height, walls etc )

    Keep the Wifi router at a higher height in the room

    ( Max possible say 6 to 7 feet ?? from floor level. )

    Confirm the Antenna is removable .
    A general rule of thumb in home networking says that 802.11b and 802.11g WAPs and routers support a range of up to 150 feet (46 m) indoors and 300 feet (92 m) outdoors.

    Another rule of thumb holds that the effective range of 802.11a is approximately one-third that of 802.11b/g.
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    can u tell me how to use wirless in my laptop with siemens sl2_141 modem type 2 i am right now using with ethernet

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    The BSNL routers are good up to 30 mts (used DNA-A211-I )
    but private one's will come up 100 mts (as i know)

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